Cüneyt Evirgen


Dr. T. Cuneyt EVIRGEN
Sabancı University
Executive Development Unit
Orhanli, Tuzla 34956, Istanbul, TURKEY
Tel (work): +90-216-483-9668
Tel (mobile): +90-533-714-6365
e-mail: cuneyt-edu@sabanciuniv.edu


Date of birth : July 10, 1964
Place of birth : Nazilli
Nationality : Turkish
Marital status : Married
Military status : Completed


1990 – 1995 Michigan State University, MI, USA
The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management
Ph.D. Major in Marketing, Minor in International Business
Dissertation topic: Performance in International Collaborative Ventures: Case of the Global Construction Industry

1986 – 1990 Bosphorous University, Istanbul
Graduate School of Management
M.B.A. Marketing
Thesis: Information Needs of Exporters

1982 – 1986 Bosphorous University, Istanbul
School of Engineering
B.S. Electrical Engineering

1982 – 1986 Bosphorous University, Istanbul
School of Natural Science
B.S. Mathematics

1975 - 1982 Robert College, Istanbul
Secondary school and high school


Sep 2004 – present Sabanci University, Istanbul (www.sabanciuniv.edu)
Executive Development Unit (EDU)
Executive Director

Responsible for the management, development and coordination of the activities of EDU which include design and implementation of professional training programs for business executives and managers. These programs reflect the mission of Sabanci University to contribute to the development of businesses and are offered either as stand alone seminars or modular programs (in open enrollment or in-house format). The programs are designed based on the needs of the business market and run in cooperation with a wide network of academic and non-academic affiliates from Turkey and abroad.

Aug 2003 – present Sabancı University, Istanbul
Executive Development Unit (EDU)
Professional Trainer and Consultant

Personally acting as a trainer and consultant in competitive marketing strategy, brand management, international marketing, retail management areas.

Feb 2003 – present Sabancı University, Istanbul
Faculty of Management
Practice faculty member

Teaching graduate level courses on marketing management, international marketing, strategic brand management and retail management in Executive MBA and MBA programs

May 2005 – present Teknosa Inc., Istanbul (www.teknosa.com)
Member of the Board (2005-2012)
Vice-President (2012 - )
Board Member of the billion dollar consumer electronics retailer with close to 370 stores making it the largest consumer electronics retailer in Turkey.

February 2012 – present Çilek Furniture Inc., Istanbul (www.cilek.com)
Member of the Board
Independent Board Member of the leading youth furniture manufacturer and retailer with close to 150 stores and 33 shop-in-shop corners in Turkey and close to 90 stores and 220 shop-in-shop corners in over 80 countries outside Turkey.

August 2012 – present Carrefoursa Inc., Istanbul (www.carrefour.com.tr)
Member of the Board
Independent Board Member of the multibillion dollar food retailer in Turkey with 28 hypermarkets and 215 supermarkets covering a total retail sales area of 369,000 square meters. The company is a joint venture between Sabanci Holding and Carrefour (France).

Jul 2011 – present The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Retail Sector Council (www.tobb.org.tr)
Academic Consultant

Jun 2007 – May 2008 TOBB Retail Sector Council
Academic Consultant

Aug 2003 – Aug 2004 Sabancı University, Istanbul
Retailing Program Director

Responsible for the development of the retailing related professional training and consultancy programs at Sabanci University targeting the Turkish retail industry. These programs carried on the mission of making Sabanci University the focal reference point in the area of retailing for the total Turkish market. Among activities carried out were people development training programs in retail sales, management and marketing consultancy services geared at retailing companies, research projects for benchmarking and advancement of retail industry knowledge purposes, workshops and seminars in functional areas of retail management. The programs included both specific services provided to retail companies and general services provided to the retail industry through cooperation with the Turkish Council of Shopping Centers and Retailers. Also personally acted as a trainer and consultant in retail sales management.

Oct 2002 – Jun 2003 Koç University, Istanbul (www.ku.edu.tr)
College of Administrative Studies & Economics
Part-time faculty member

Taught undergraduate level courses on Finite Mathematics and Global Marketing Management (capstone course in marketing)

Dec 2002 – Dec 2003 Marketing Research Consultant

Provided consultancy services in the areas of marketing research and strategy

July 1994 – Dec 2002 Bilesim International Research & Consultancy Inc., Istanbul
General Manager and Board Member

Fully responsible for daily operations, marketing and sales and financial management of the company as well as new business and corporate image development areas. The company grew four times, established international links, was restructured, founded companies in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekstan and Romania and received the first ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification in Turkey in its industry. Worked closely with marketing and research departments of mostly multinational companies in FMCG, durables and services sectors providing them research and consultancy services in Turkey, Caucasia and Central Asia. Coordinated and supervised hundreds of marketing research projects and provided consultancy services to over 100 companies.

Sep 1990 – June 1994 International Business Centers (MSU, MI, USA)
Expert Systems Development Researcher & Consultant

Leader of the Expert Systems Development Project for International Business Research and Consultancy Team. This project was aimed at developing expert systems applications in various managerial decision areas within the domain of international business and marketing and providing consultancy to multinational corporations.

Dec 1991 – June 1994 University Apartments Residence Life (MSU, MI, USA)
Intercultural Programming Aide

Fully responsible for conceptualizing, planning, organizing and coordinating social programs for 6,000 university housing residents representing over 100 countries to facilitate inter-cultural understanding and international perspectives.

Summer 1993 Michigan State University , MI, USA
Instructor for the course MTA 460 - Marketing Strategy

Summer 1991 Michigan State University , MI, USA
Instructor for the course MTA 300 - Marketing Management

Sep 1986 – Aug 1990 Bosphorous University, Istanbul
School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics Department
Teaching Assistant (full time)


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"Alien Whales vs. Local Minnows: Can Global Retailers Compete with Local Incumbents in Emerging Markets?”, presented at The European Institute of Retailing and Service Studies (EIRASS) Conference, July 2010, Istanbul, Turkey

"Use of Expert Systems in International Marketing: An Application for Cooperative Venture Partner Selection," presented at the 23rd Albert Haring Symposium, 1993, Indiana University.

"Social Exchange Theory As a Framework for Cooperative Ventures in International Business," (with Professor Attila Yaprak), presented at the Academy of International Business Conference, 1992, Brussels, Belgium.

"Manufacturer Performance in the Channel: A Proposed Classification"
(with Jule Gassenheimer and Roger J. Calantone)


Assisted Prof S. Tamer Cavusgil and Prof. Roger J. Calantone in organizing the International/Global Marketing track at the AMA Summer Educator's Conference, Summer 1992.

Assisted Prof. S. Tamer Cavusgil and Prof. Muzaffer Bodur in organizing the International Marketing Management track at the Sixth Bi-Annual World Marketing Congress, Summer 1993.

President of the Michigan State University Turkish Student Association (1992-1993)

Treasurer of the Michigan State Turkish Alumni Association (1998-2002)

President of the Michigan State Turkish Alumni Association (2002 –ongoing)

Advisory Council member for Trade Council of Shopping Centers and Retailers (2005 – ongoing)

Discipline Committee Member of the Turkish Researchers’ Association (2004 - ongoing)

Personnel Management Association of Turkey, National People Management Congress Advisory Committee Member (2007 - ongoing)


Broad Business School Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award, Michigan State University, 2009-2010

Selected by faculty to represent Michigan State University as a fellow to the 23rd Albert Haring Symposium, Indiana University, 1993.

Best Student Paper Award - Global/International Marketing Track, AMA Summer Educator's Conference, 1992.

High Honor Graduate of Bogazici University, Graduate School of Management, 1990.


American Marketing Association (AMA),
Association of Turkish Retailers and Shopping Centers
Turkish Researchers’ Association
MSU Alumni Association Turkey
Bogazici University Alumni Association
Robert College Alumni Association
Fenerbahce Sports Club
Bizim Tepe

English (excellent command of written and spoken English)
German (introductory)

MS Office applications

Available upon request